Get Lot in 90s
10am to 12pm

Duration: 12pm to 3pm

Day: Mon – Fri

RJ: Chanchal


Program:Soothing afternoons, Garam PiyalikiChaai, magazines are better with some radio show and music. How about a show focusing on Home, Women/Men & small business topics covering Food (Khana – Behtar Banana), Family (GharGharkiKahani), Gossips, Relations, Fitness (because how’s the JOSH), Hidden facts and a flavor of fantastic songs from late 90’s to 2000.

You also have this unique feature in the show to talk about the life transition, culture, and virtues, here in India and in Houston. Share your KISSA easily with us and other people listening to Neeshon by interacting with the RJ, tell them your version of the thought and choose music for yourself that you have been longing for a while now, all with the quick and easy way, via SMS, Whatsapp, Voice notes, Voice calls or Messages.

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