Neeshon is aiming at becoming  the next generation platform for people, especially with roots in South-East Asia to get closer to their culture. If you or your senior family members are immigrants, you can relate to the dual state of mind you live in between you or your parents’ home country and their new home. 

It is not easy to keep up with your culture when you move to a foreign land. That’s where Neeshon stands to occupy. Currently starting with online Bollywood radio services, Neeshon plans on scaling the same to other forms of South-East Asian entertainment such as streaming TV Shows, Reality Shows, Movies and more. 

At Neeshon, we firmly believe that every culture is beautiful, and the strength lies in our differences. Thus, we want to expand further by making Neeshon a one-stop platform where Desi cuisines, clothing, education all come together.

Our mission is to create newer and easier ways for people to enjoy and recognize their heritage and pass it on so that every new generation will understand how rich it is and cherish the same. Be it teaching kids your mother tongue or educating them about kids stories from your childhood, to you yourself getting to know more about Ramayana or Mahabharata, Neeshon aims to be your go to location for all these activities.

Story Behind the idea

While we are busy living the American dream, we miss our own roots and culture. Life gets busy in acquiring the comforts longed for, but deep in our hearts there is something still missing.

The inner calling drives for searching the cultural elements in the new land just to find out that there are no easy ways to live your culture. This situation inspired us and led to the birth of Neeshon. We want you to live your culture with Neeshon.

“Neeshon Music” is our first offering to bring together multiple communities on a single platform through music. We started our first station “Bollywood”, Apka Apna Music Station.


“Every Culture is beautiful, at Neeshon we are taking this to the next level to provide an easy platform for people to enjoy and live their cultural elements”